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Spark YG™ 593 Conjugates

  • 2021.09.14

Spark YG™ 593 expands our fluorophore options for the yellow/green laser on 5-laser spectral cytometers, emitting maximally between PE and PE/Dazzle™ 594.

Watch your multicolor panels grow with Spark Dyes, a family of small, synthetic fluorophores. The addition of these expertly-crafted dyes to BioLegend’s portfolio provides researchers with the ability to fill spectral spaces between existing fluorophores, maximizing panel flexibility. Spark Dyes are advantageous due to their relatively narrow emission profile, stability, and solubility. In addition, their synthetic nature means they are not typically sensitive to standard fixatives, including organic solvents used for phospho-flow. Learn more about each of our Spark Dyes and how you can best incorporate them in multicolor applications.

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