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The privacy policy applies to the web service (website) and all services in the biocourse.pl domain.


The personal data administrator of information processed through the website:

BioCourse.pl Dariusz Jastrzębski Sp. Z o.o., ul. Staromiejska 6/10d, 40-013 Katowice, POLAND


The website collects personal data based on the consent given and in cases where the law authorizes the administrator to process personal data on the basis of the law. The website obtains information through:

  • Voluntary input of data in the contact form
  • By generating cookies stored on the client's computer (see cookies).

The data provided in the form are processed for the purpose resulting from the function of the specific form:

  • Contact form - to support information contact,

The person, whose data is beeing processed, has the right to access his or her data. He or she also has the right to rectify this data and delete it, as well as to demand restriction of processing and transfer of data in the conditions set out in law. Everyone who provides the data also has the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body within the meaning of the provisions on the protection of personal data in any case of suspicion that the processing of his or her personal data violates the law. Providing data in each case is voluntary, but required for the implementation of the service.

User consent is the basis for collecting the data. It is voluntary, but necessary to process the inquiry. Consent may be withdrawn at any time, without however affecting the processing carried out before its withdrawal.


In order to ensure convenience and security while browsing the site, in addition to information voluntarily provided, cookies are used. These are small text files containing IT data, which are saved on the end device (i.e. the client's computer) in such a way that it is possible to read them when you reconnect to the website. Cookies are very common and used by many website administrators because of the ability to customize the content of the website to the individual needs of users, maintain login sessions, and create statistics on the use of the website. In summary, we use cookies to improve the website's functionality and to increase its attractiveness. Important information is that these files do not cause any changes to the configuration settings in the end devices (client computers) and the software installed on the device.

The data files are not available to data recipients within the meaning of art. 7 point 6) of the Personal Data Protection Act. We use the following types of cookies on the website:

Session - used to identify the user on the website;
Statistical - used for statistical purposes through Google;
Functional - providing additional system functionalities.

You can always switch off cookies or delete them if they have already been saved. Management including deleting cookies depends on the type of browser used. You can use the option to disable cookies for both the specific site and all websites visited. Information on how to use the above option can be found at the browser manufacturer. Staying on the site without disabling cookies means that you agree to storing them by your browser.


The website may contain links to other websites. Website management entities are not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites. We recommend that the user read the policy published on the pages to which the website contains links. The privacy policy applies only to the website.


The threats related to using the services via the Internet and electronic communication channels include:

1. Phishing - impersonation in order to unauthorized obtaining of information

Most often these are fake notifications imitating website messages, the purpose of which is to obtain the access data (login and password) to the service through crafted pages that deceptively resemble website pages.

2. Malicious software - programs used for criminal purposes, aimed at causing harm to the user, include:

  • Computer viruses - the purpose of infecting the system is stealing or deleting data, as well as disrupting work or taking control of the system,
  • Spyware - after infecting the system, monitoring and tracking its work as well as sending data collected in the system

3. SPAM - unsolicited electronic mail containing unsolicited information sent to many recipients, often containing dangerous, system harmful content.

The discussed threats apply to all devices used when using the website, including computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices enabling the use of the website via the Internet.


The website user should take care of the security of the devices, which should include an installed antivirus program with up to date virus definition database, the current and secure version of the web browser and a firewall enabled.
The user should regularly check if the operating system and software installed in it are up to date.
Users should protect service access data. They should not be disclosed and stored on the device in a form that allows unauthorized access and reading.
Do not turn on the options for auto-complete forms and remember passwords in your web browser options.
Be particularly careful when opening attachments and e-mail links.
It is recommended to use additional filters and technical solutions provided by browser producers to verify the correctness and authenticity of websites.
If you use an encrypted connection by your browser, pay attention to the appearance of the appropriate icon (padlock, https protocol).
All content, including files and software, should be downloaded from trusted sources.
Wireless access points to the Internet should be protected by a password of the appropriate standard.
When using external access points to the Internet, choose only trusted ones.


The Privacy Policy may change due to changes in law, changes in the website operating rules or changes in the structure of website managers by publishing a new version on the website at: https://biocourse.pl/privacy-policy


All questions and comments on the Privacy Policy should be addressed to: office@biocourse.pl